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Texting on Mobile Phone

Camp Crier helps you target your communications

User Friendly



Users of the App can sign up and log into the account using options determined by App Host, such as Email, Tribal Enrollment Number, ZIP, etc. App Admin team (designated by the App Host) will view the provided information and accept or deny the user.

User Profiles

Users may change their password, update a profile picture or other information, or adjust their settings.

User Groups

The App Host sets up groups to target their communication with their community. Users can join groups of interest or relevance to them.

Photo Messaging

Admins and Users can send and receive images.

Text Messaging

Admins and Users can send text messages to other users, including Emojis, Clickable URLs, and Reply-To features.

Light/Dark Mode

Users can switch between light and dark themes.

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Audio Calling

Audio calling  facilitates communication between users including the ability to initiate a call, hang up, and mute audio.

Video Calling

Video calling allows members to communicate face to face via Private Video Chat, Group Video Chat, or Video Live Streaming / Video Broadcasting. 

Admin Panel

A user friendly Admin Panel allows app administrators to easily manage many aspects of their application (manage users, chat with users, send push notifications and emails, run analytics, updated resources list).

Optional Features

  • Blog interface

  • Air Quality notifications

  • Data Input (import names/emails to automatically make them app users)

  • User Feedback Screen

  • Events/Calendar interface

  • Locations module (display various locations such as medical facilities or tribal offices)

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