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CAMP CRIER empowers Native Nations to ensure targeted and timely information and discussions with their communities and people.

Customized for your Native Nation or tribal organization, then distributed through the iOS and Google Store.

Why Tribes and Native Organizations 
need Camp Crier App.
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Camp Crier is an innovative communications tool for Tribes.

In many Native American cultures, those who shared news with the tribe or clans are called Camp Criers. In the past, Camp Criers would travel from camp to camp sharing important information with the people. 

Modern day Native Nations use the Camp Crier mobile app to quickly and effectively communicate with their tribal citizens, community members, employees and other custom-created groups. Users can chat with officials of the Tribe and among various groups, including youth, elders, enrolled citizens, etc.

Key uses of the app include:

  • Emergency notifications

  • Public safety warnings

  • Hot topic discussions

  • Native language lessons

  • Tribal department updates/events

  • Council meetings or meeting links

  • Tribal resource links

  • Job opportunities

  • Scholarship opportunities

  • Financial assistance announcements

  • Important deadlines

  • District or neighborhood notices

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Intro Screen

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Sign Up Screen


Friends Screen

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Message Screen

Video chat.png

Video Screen

We have a demonstration version available!
If your organization is interested in the Camp Crier mobile app
and want to test it out, we'll set you up! Contact us for details.

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